Chris Tripp – Bass/Part Wookie

Influences:Classic rock and country of all varieties, especially Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley.

Past Bands:
Silver Eclipse, Midnight Revolver
The other Chris (hereinafter referred to as “Tripp”). Tripp has been a fan of country from a young age. With the help of supportive parents and always being challenged by his brother to get better, he has gotten to the point he is today, possibly the most important part of the group, (self-proclaimed, and not-at-all self conceited…..jerk) and has been vital since the group had their earliest thought of playing out. With his vast knowledge of music, he has helped guide Whiskey Bound to where they are today. He started in music at 11 and by 12 was playing in bars and was making a name for himself in the cover band community. Many years later he has done nothing but try to make himself better; continuing to play out any chance he could and studying music in college. On any given gig night you can find Tripp laying down the bass lines and singing almost all of the harmony parts. Also, ladies, Tripp is the only single member of the group so if you’d like to flirt and buy drinks for a band member I would suggest him (fat chicks need not apply).